Australian Bandstand


Bandstand 1960-1962



1 1960 (Air Date Unknown)   THE DELLTONES – Rollin' Dust, RAY MELTON – Fallin' In A Great Big Way, KEN CORBETT - You Make Me Feel So Young, THE JOY BOYS - Shazam, LUCKY STARR – Yeah That's How, NOELENE BATLEY – Sixteen Reasons, DE KROO BROTHERS – Be Bop A Lula, RAY MELTON – Crazy, THE DELLTONES – Look For A Star, LUCKY STARR – Sweet Georgia Brown, DE KROO BROTHERS – Loveland
2 1960 (Air Date Unknown)   JOHNNY DEVLIN – Cast Iron Arm, THE GRADUATES - Green Fields, DEMONSTRATION of the latest dance craze The Madison, PATTI MONROE – What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?, GRADE WICKER – Lulu Brown, JOHNNY DEVLIN – What Am I Living For?, THE DEVILS – Little Brown Jug, KIM NICHOLS – Wake The Town And Tell The People, CHERRYTONES - I Love You serenading Brian Henderson, ROD DEVLIN (Johnny Devlin's younger brother) – Twenty Flight Rock, BRIAN PENGLASE – You'll Have To Go, JOHNNY BYRELL – Night And Day, JOHNNY DEVLIN – Stuck On You, THE DEVILS - instrumental
3 1961 (November)   BRYAN DAVIES – I Won't Go Without You, WAYNE CORNELL – Good Time Billy, RED HEWITT - Halfbreed then chats with Brian Henderson, JUDY STONE – Fool Number One, INTERVIEW with Diana Trask and Thom Ewen, LANA CANTRELL – Roses Of Picardy, BRYAN DAVIES – Blue Moon, RED HEWITT – Robbin' The Cradle, JUDY STONE – I Went To Your Wedding, FRANK SINATRA'S arrival to Australia with interview, WAYNE CORNELL – The Fish, DEMONSTRATION of The Twist, LANA CANTRELL – I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do Walking Back To Happiness
4 1961
Best of Bandstand
  A special program hosted by Brian Henderson to welcome viewers to Teenbeat on TVW 7 Perth COL JOYE – Yes Sir, She's My Baby, WILMA READING – If I Were A Bell, JOHNNY REBB – Think Me A Kiss, THE ALLEN BROTHERS – Pretty Keen Teen, PAM LIVERSIDGE – Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody, JOHNNY DEVLIN – Got A Zac In The Back Of Me Pocket, PATSY ANN NOBLE – Kooky Little Paradise, JOHN SUMMERS – Garden Of Eden
5 1961 (September)   JOHNNY DEVLIN – Good Rockin' Tonight, THE BARRY SISTERS – Sincerely then chats with Brian Henderson, LORRAINE GARNESS – Turn On The Sunshine, GARY SHEARSTON – Ten Thousand Miles then chats with Brian Henderson, BRYAN DAVIES – Then I'll Know, THE DELLTONES – Even Though, DE KROO BROTHERS – Some Sweet Day, JOHNNY DEVLIN – Hard Headed Woman then chats with Brian Henderson, JUDY STONE – That's All I Want From You, LORRAINE GARNESS interview (and clip of her seated next to Connie Francis), DONNY BROOKS – Mission Bell then chats with Brian Henderson, JUDY STONE – Lovers Question, THE BARRY SISTERS – I've Told Every Little, Star
6 1961
Best of Bandstand
  Viewer's choice) Film clips of previous Bandstand episodes from 1961 voted as most popular by viewers, LONNIE LEE – Why Why Bye Bye, DE KROO BROTHERS – Love My Life Away, THE DELLTONES – Kansas City, JOHNNY DEVLIN – Charlie Mopps, IAN CRAWFORD – Lost Weekend, THE SAPPHIRES – Sydney, Girls (adaptation of New York girls), PATSY ANN NOBLE – Busy Lips, (assisted & written by The Allen Brothers) It's Always The Way (written by Johnny Devlin).
7 1962 (May)   THE ALLEN BROTHERS – Come Back Silly Girl, LUCKY STARR chats with Brian Henderson, LUCKY STAR - Cuddle Closer with Geraldine Fitzgerald, WAYNE CORNELL - Dream Baby, COL JOYE - Today’s Teardrops then chats with Brian Henderson, ROBYN ALVAREZ - Love Letters, GERALDINE FITZGERALD - I Wait My Love, THE DELLTONES - Good Luck Charm, WAYNE CORNELL - I Could Have Loved You So Well, THE ALLEN BROTHERS - Firefly, ROBYN ALVAREZ - Children Go Where I Send You, LUCKY STARR - I've Been Everywhere
8 1962 (27th October)   LUCKY STARR – Working For The Man, LANA CANTRELL – Just You Just Me, JENNY – Heartaches, JOHNNY DEVLIN – Shake Rattle And Roll then chats with Brian Henderson, JOHNNY DEVLIN – You Know How, JENNY – Only Forever, ADAM FAITH AND JOHN LEYTON are interviewed at Mascot Airport, PATSY ANN NOBLE – Over The Rainbow, LANA CANTRELL – Mr Wonderful, LUCKY STARR – Lot Of Livin’ To Do
9 1962 (Air Date Unknown)    DIGGER REVELL AND THE DENVERMEN – Let's Twist Again Lovin' Doll, ANDY ELLIS - Come Back To Me then chats with Brian Henderson, JUDY STONE – Give Myself A Party, ROBBY ROYAL – You're The Reason and Five Foot Two then chats with Brian Henderson, ANDY ELLIS – Can't Help Falling In Love With You, LANA CANTRELL – Moonriver (film clip) Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody, JUDY STONE – Lazy River, THE JOY BOYS Instrumental
10 1962 (10th February)   PAUL WAYNE – Keep A Walkin', THE ALLEN BROTHERS – Hello Mate Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, TONY BRADY – A Penny For Your Thoughts, BOBBY VEE – Baby Face, JUDY STONE – Mummy And Daddy Were Twistin', TRANSISTORS FOR TWISTERS COMPETITION - judged by Mr Cornish from the Arthur Murray School of Dancing, PAUL WAYNE – Movin' Day, WENDY LINGHAM – A Little Bird Told Me, BANDSTAND AWARDS 1961, BEST MALE PERFORMER - Col Joye, BEST FEMALE PERFORMER - Judy Stone, BEST AUSTRALIAN COMPOSITION - Johnny Devlin for Good Lookin' Boy, BEST AUSTRALIAN RECORD - The Joy Boys for Smokey Mokes, JUDY STONE – I’ll Step Down
11 1960 (Air Date Unknown)   GEORGE KARREN – Little Boy Blue, JOHNNY REBB – There You Go, JAN CARTER – Persuade Me, THE DELLTONES – Only The Lonely, BILL GRANT – Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy, JOHNNY REBB – Wonder Of You, FRANKIE DAVIDSON – I Care For You, THE REBELS – Trambone (instrumental), RAY MELTON – Let’s Try Again, LONNIE LEE – Defenceless, JOHN SUMMERS – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, JOHNNY REBB – Don’t Come Knocking
12 1960 (Air Date Unknown)   JOHNNY DEVLIN – Clap Your Hands, THE TOPPERS – Yogi, WILMA READING – My Little Corner Of The World NOELEEN BATLEY – Barefoot Boy, KAHU – Rhythm And Blues, LUCKY STARR – If She Should Come To You, THE SAPPHIRES – Hawaiian Song, WARREN WILLIAMS – Please Help Me, I’m Falling, PATTY MARKHAM – Sentimental Me, IAN GARDINER – Little Bitty Pretty One, THE DELLTONES – Yes Sir, That’s My Baby, ERNIE WILSON – Exclusively Yours, THE ALLEN BROTHERS – There’s No Need, LUCKY STARR – Somebody To Love
13 1960 (Air Date Unknown)   LONNIE LEE – I Gotta Know, THE DE KROO BROTHERS – In The Summertime, PAM LIVERSIDGE – Someday, COLIN COOK – Thinking Of Our Love, THE DELLTONES – North To Alaska, THE SAPPHIRES – Fast Frieght, LONNIE LEE – Baby Baby Bye Bye, JOHNNY BYRELL – Serenata, KAHU – Lonesome Road, JOHNNY BYRELL & WILMA READING – Goodness Gracious Me, LONNIE LEE – Sit Around And Talk
14 1961 (Air Date Unknown)     LONNIE LEE – Frankfurt Special, THE GR’s – Ballad Of Ned Kelly, LIONEL LONG – Make Me A Miracle, BOB PAUL – (Harlem Globetrotters Basketball Team) talks with Brian concerning their tour, WAYNE CORNELL – St Louis Blues, LONNIE LEE’S LEE MEN – Johnny Guitar (Instrumental), LONNIE LEE – Baby Baby Bye Bye, MIKE SUTHERLAND – (Shirley Bassey’s Mgr) talks with Brian about her arrival to Australia, JUDY STONE – Lazy River, THE DELLTONES – You’re The Limit, JOHNNY BYRELL – Fools Rush In, LIONEL LONG – A Rollin’ Stone, LONNIE LEE – Sit Around And Talk
15 1961
History of Bandstand
  CHUBBY CHECKER – Pony Time, NOELEEN BATLEY – Rendezvous, JOHN SUMMERS – Temptation, THE ALLEN BROTHERS – Calendar Girl, LUCKY STARR AND THE DELLTONES – Wings Of A Dove, THE DELLTONES – Wonder, BOBBY RYDELL – Good Time Baby, THE CRESCENTS – You’d Be Mine, JUDY STONE – Jambalaya COL JOYE – Billy Boy
16 1962
History of Bandstand
  BOBBY RYDELL – I Wanna Thank You, JOHNNY REBB – Any Time You Want Me, JUDY STONE – All Alone Am i, TIMI YURO – Hurt, JOHNNY REBB – She’s Just Another Girl, CRASH CRADDOCK – Boom Boom Baby, ADAM FAITH & THE ROULETTES – Mix Me A Person, ADAM FAITH & THE ROULETTES – I Got A Woman, JOHN LEYTON – Lonely City, JOHN LEYTON – Lonely Johnny, BOBBY VEE – Stayin’ In, JUDY STONE – It Had To Be You, DONNIE BROOKS – Doll House
17 1962 (Air Date Unknown)   LANA CANTRELL – Skip To My Lou, LONNIE LEE – Teenage Idol, LOU & SIMON – Young World, LANA CANTRELL – Should I, IAN TURPIE – What’s This Noise, KEVAN JOHNSTON – (Dances to) theme of 77 Sunset Strip, LONNIE LEE – I Found A New Love (assisted with wife Pam), KEVAN JOHNSTON – Brian interviews Kevan about his departure from the show, KELLY GREEN – Little Miss Lonely, KELLY GREEN – Vacation, LANA CANTRELL – Them That Has, Gets, IAN TURPIE – Shout (with entire cast)
18 1962 (Air Date Unknown)   JERRY J. WILDER – Teresa Bella, LONNIE LEE – Don’t You Know (Pretty Baby), ANDY ELLIS – Sharing You, PATSY ANN NOBLE – Brian talks to Patsy Ann Noble about leaving for England, showing footage from some of her performances, including a duet with Col Joye, Where The Boys Are and Baby Face, LONNIE LEE – Sure Fire Bet, TIM GAUNT – Johnny Will, TIM GAUNT & ANDY ELLIS – So Long (a farewell calypso written for Patsy’s departure), JERRY J. WILDER – Yesiree, Yesiree, ANDY ELLIS – I’ll Never Dance Again
19 1962
New Faces Show
  THE SYDNEY DRUM MAJORETTES – Perform, PETER HOLT – The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else), GERALDINE FITZGERALD – Johnny Angel, IAN TURPIE – Dream Baby, LANA CANTRELL – Give It Back To The Indians, THE DELLTONES – You And I Make A Happy Pair, THE ALLEN BROTHERS – Chris on guitar and Peter on piano play Exodus (with Jacqueline Varney dancers), LANA CANTRELL – My Heart Belongs To Daddy, PETER HOLT – The Second Time Around, THE ALLEN BROTHERS – Ain’t Misbehavin’ (with Jacqueline Varney), IAN TURPIE – I Can’t Stop Loving You, GERALDINE FITZGERALD – Somewhere Along The Way, THE DELLTONES – Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands
20 1962
Country Style Show
  COL JOYE – I Can Mend Your Broken Heart, JUDY STONE – Seven Lonely Days, ROB E.G. – It keeps Right On A-Hurtin’, JUDY STONE – Tennessee Waltz, COLE JOYE & JUDY STONE – Looking back To See, JOHN LAWS – Little Bitty Big John, COL JOYE – Brian Interviews Col Joye about his flying lessons, NOELEEN BATLEY – Cryin’ Fool, COL JOYE – Fraulein, ROB E.G. – Wolverton Mountain, JOHN LAWS – Before This Day Ends, COL JOYE – I’m Feeling Sorry, JUDY STONE – Jealous Heart COL JOYE – Today’s Teardrops
21 1962 (Air Date Unknown)   LONNIE LEE – Sit Around And Talk, JAY JUSTIN – My Love, RAY MELTON – Oceans Of Time, BELINDA HOLDEN – Teenage Drag (own composition), LONNIE LEE – Why Why Bye Bye, BART LATOUR – Wreck Of The John B, JIMMY LITTLE – Shadow Of The Boomerang, THE DELLTONES – Wonder, JOHNNY BYRELL – Lazy River, REYNA CARON – Somebody, WAYNE CORNELL – C’est Si Bon, PATSY ANN NOBLE – Emotions, BRYAN DAVIES – Language Of Love, LONNIE LEE – I Found A New Love,