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Whilst the material for this website has come from many different sources there are some that deserve special acknowledgement.
Below is a list with corresponding links to some of these sites that have proven to be gold mine of information and resources

You can click on the name or the picture to visit the site


  Sallie6   An absolutely brilliant YouTube site with  an incredibly impressive range of videos dedicated to Australian music - a must visit. Congratulations to Angela whose commitment is self evident


  Conniptions886   A YouTube site with many gems from Australian Television including commercials, interviews, tv show introductions, music and much more

Farkle Berry

  Farkle Berry   Great clips of Australian music, especially from the 70s. Has a very comprehensive list of GTK music videos

  Sunbury Pop / Rock Festivals
1972 - 1975
  As the name implies, this Facebook site is comprised of people with a special interest in the Sunbury Music Festivals of the 70s. Kudos to Deborah Howe Poulter Sweeney for starting this site

  Australian Rock Bands
1960's and 1970's
  Interested in Australian music of the 60s & 70s then this Facebook page is for you


  tomtokenator   Another great YouTube site with many videos

  Ozzie Music Man   An incredibly rich vein of very rare Australian music in mp3 format and which can be downloaded
  Rock on Vinyl   A superb source of all kinds of vinyl albums including interesting information and plenty of downloads

  Little Aussie Albums   A site dedicated to the Australian EP. Many rare and obscure albums ready to be downloaded

  Vinolyeum   Many different Australian and New Zealand based vinyl albums with information and download links
The Aussie Music Blog   The Aussie Music
  Classic and rare Australian popular music from the 1950's, 1960's & 1970's. Lots of downloads  and lots of information - a must visit