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The Computer Clubs aims to provide participants with an opportunity to explore and develop their IT skills and knowledge. Clubs are designed to cover a range of issues to meet community requirements. Some broad areas of interest are listed below.

RAM    ROM    CPU    Bits    Bytes   Hardware    Software 

  Desktop    Windows Explorer    Folders & Files    Icons    Shortcuts    
  Starting Up    Multimedia    Control Panels  Profiles    Drivers 
Print    Manager    Drag & Drop 

    Moving About The Internet    Search Engines    Refining Searches   Internet Safety   
  Bookmarking    File Transfer    Downloading    Graphics    e-mail 

  Music & Sound    Image Manipulation    Creating Movies 
  Using Digital Recording Equipment    File Types  File Conversionb   Graphics 


  Twitter    Facebook    Staying Safe    
  Identity Security    Buying on the Net    Blogging    Vlogging    YouTube