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  60's Music Quiz   How much do you know about 60's music ? - 15 questions  
  Australian Music Trivia Quiz   15 questions at a time from a pool of over 100 - how much do you remember?  
  Blues Trivia Quiz   Some of these are really hard - test your knowledge  
  Are You A Computer Geek?   Well are you? - this pool of 50 questions will help you answer this question  
  Computer Potpourri   A pool of 50 more questions - in case you haven't had enough  
  Internet Quiz   20 questions to test your skills  
  The Universes of Marvel & DC Comics   How much do you know of these "alternative" universes - 15 questions at a time from a pool of over 100.  
  Marvel Universe - Real Names   You may know these super heroes and super villains by name but do you know their alter ego character names  
  And Now For Something Completely Different - Monty Python   Enough said  - how much do you remember - over 100 questions in groups of 15  
  Movie Quotes   How much time do you spend watching the movies - this pool of over 120 questions will help you find out  
  Pre Fame Game   Remember all those famous groups - what were 20 of them called before you knew them  
  Cool Hand Luke   How well do you know the film Cool Hand Luke  
  Cult Science Fiction   Select the correct Cult Show from a brief outline  
  Janis Joplin   How much do you know about Janis Joplin and her music  
  Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground   Lots of questions relation to Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground  
  Misunderstood Song Lyrics - Oldies   Do you know the correct lyrics to these famous songs  
  Musical Quotes   Famous quotes from famous, and not so famous musicians - can you match them  
  Pre Fame Game   These famous bands all started out with different names - how many do you know  
  Real Name - Fame Name   Do you know the real names of these famous musicians  
  Star Trek - Enterprise   How well do you now the episodes of Star Trek Enterprise  
  Star Trek - The Next Generation   Were you watching the Next Generation  
  Star Trek - The Original Series   How much do you remember from The Original Series  
  Star Trek - Voyager   Have you been paying attention to Voyager  
  TV Trivia   Lots of trivia questions about TV shows gone by  
  What Year Was That   You have to guess the year of the music event listed  
  Year Of The Inductee   Guess which years the list of people were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame  
  Second Hand Songs   Pick the original artists for the listed songs  
  Perry Mason Episodes   How well do you know the Perry Mason episodes  
  Christmas Trivia   How much do you know about Christmas songs, movies and general trivia  
  Sugar Pie DeSanto   How much do you know about this very under rated Blues singer who has been entertaining the world for over 50 years  
  Science Fiction/Fantasy Trivia   Test your trivia knowledge about Science Fiction and Science Fantasy  
  Legendary Swords   Do you know the names of these swords from fantasy, legend and gaming?  
  Which 70's Group Is That   Can you work out the group/artist from the three album names provided?  
  What Album Cover Is That   How well do you know the cover art of the 70's  
  Which Artist Is That   Do you know what a number of famous rock and pop musicians look like  
  Caricatures   Can you guess who these caricatures are meant to represent  
  More Caricatures 

More Caricatures Version 2
  Can you work out who these caricatures are meant to depict (There are two different versions)  
  Classic Television Shows   Can you recognize the television show from the picture of the cast members  
  Name That Dog   Do you know the names of the pooches from these television shows and movies.  
  Famous Quotes   Who was the first people to make these famous quotes