In Memory of Jaxon (The Energetic)

Jaxon was 12 years old when he passed away from a heart condition on 24th August, 2018. 

After seeing him on the Lost Dog's Home's website we immediately decided that  Jaxon, the five year old Labrador cross looked like a future family member. We went straight down to the home, with Gemma in the car, wondering if the two dogs would get on.

While Sharon waited in the car with Gemma, I went to get Jaxon for the initial meeting. As I stood by his cage a couple entered the area with a small dog on a lead.  All the other dogs started barking - except Jaxon, who just wagged his tail and looked expectantly with a smile on his face.

We made the arrangements and I took Jaxon out to meet Gemma. Both Sharon and I were pleasantly surprised as both dogs took to each other like old friends - a very rare occurrence for Gemma who is usually pretty nervous around new people and animals.

After lots of sniffing, after much paper work and after many licks from Jaxon (and Gemma) we all departed for home with Jaxon trying desperately to sit on Sharon's lap during the entire car trip. When we got home Jaxon explored the place thoroughly, had some food to eat and then went for a long walk. After two hours he had completely settled in.

After all this, he still wanted to continue to explore and get pats. His energy and exuberance was catching and our normal lazy Sunday afternoon was transferred into one with lots of buzz and action.

Jaxon was a beautiful, gentle and friendly pup who followed Sharon wherever she went. He loved his tummy rubs and ear scratches and will be greatly missed






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