In Memory of Gemma (The Cute)

Gemma was 15 years old when she passed away from old age on February 12th 2015.

Gemma was a German Shepherd Cross and was head of security at the household.

Gemma was rescued from a neighbour. Soon after it was discovered that she had a heart condition and would not survive if it was not operated upon.

The operation was a success and Gemma recovered fully. She is now nine years old and as cute as a button.

From the end of the couch Gemma took her security role quite seriously. No-one could come near the house without a warning bark or two.

Fortunately, most people don't know that her bark was just a front and she really was quite shy. After she learnt to trust you there was nothing she liked better than a nice scratch under her chin (apart from a special treat from the biscuit box of course).

Gemma had  "broken in" three Labradors and trained them on the proper running of the household. Without a doubt, she made sure that everything ran efficiently, especially during walk times.

Gemma was the one who went to the door and gave a short bark to let us know if either she or the Labrador wanted to go outside or come back inside.  If we were too slow we would get another bark and the equivalent to a "paw tap" to make sure that we did what needed to be done.

Quiet efficiency, alertness and attention to detail were all hallmarks of the lovely Gemma.

Gemma will be greatly missed

Gemma's Song

She's just a sweet little Gemmaline pup

So lovely but now she's growing up

She's naughty every single day

But we cuddle her any any way