Christmas '20 Questions Christmas '20 Answers
1 What is a Zoonotic disease? Any disease that spreads from animals to people
2 What major disease did Europeans catch in the Americas and bring back to Europe? Syphilis
3 Which type of pandemic led to the development of the first vaccine? Smallpox
4 Which virus inspired the movie 'Contagion'? Nipah
5 Which animal spread Nipah, a deadly virus that struck in Malaysia in 1999? Pig
6 What is a pandemic? A disease that affects a large number of people in multiple countries
7 Name the pandemic that infected about 500 million people in North America, Europe and Asia in 1918. Spanish flu
8 Recognised as a pandemic in 1981, which disease is caused by a virus called HIV? Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
9 Which bacteria caused The Black Death in Europe and Asia from 1347 to 1351? Yersinia pestis
10 Name the 1956-1958 pandemic that originated in East Asia and killed at least a million people worldwide. Asian Flu
11 Which epidemic helped forge the American two-party system in 1793 with Federalists accusing Democrats of a biological terror? Yellow fever
12 Which viral fever, spread by insects and birds, is believed to have caused a witchcraft hysteria in Salem in 1692? Encephalitis
13 A trade deal with China unleashed which deadly pandemic in 1346 with Italy being hit especially hard? Bubonic plague
14 Which pandemic led John Snow, a London doctor, to develop a dot map to pioneer the modern science of epidemiology? Third cholera pandemic
15 Who was New York’s patient zero, who in 1906 passed on a fever to 51 people, killing 20,000 people by year’s end? Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary)
16 Against which disease did Charles IV of Spain launch history’s first global immunization campaign in 1803? Smallpox
17 Which plague forced Rome’s retreat in the war to recapture its former capital city in 541AD? Plague of Justinian
18 Called “the romantic disease,” which affliction was hailed in Victorian times as poetic inspiration? Tuberculosis
19 The bubonic plague anticipates nuclear winter in which brooding stylized film about a knight’s encounter with death upon his return from a holy crusade? The Seventh Seal
20 Covid-19 had only spread to 30 people, until one woman codenamed ‘patient 31’ spread the disease to 1,200 others in what country? South Korea
21 The number 19 in Covid-19 is based on what? The year 2019
22 How many stages of a pandemic virus does WHO describe? Six
23 Which pandemic is considered the deadliest in history? The Black Death (also known as the Bubonic Plgue)
24 Which virus has caused more widespread epidemics and pandemics than any other in the world? Influenza
25 The flu pandemic of 1968 is estimated  to have killed how many people worldwide? 1 million