Christmas '09 Questions Christmas '09 Answers
1 The first two Rocky films had a dog named? Butkus
2 Superman's dog was called? Krypto
3 The name of a famous female Collie who is the subject of many films, books and television shows? Lassie
4 This dog is one of the five members of Mystery Inc who run around in a van and solve mysteries? Scooby Doo
5 The names of the pooches who have a litter of pups in 101 Dalmatians? Pongo and Perdita
6 The names of the dogs in the romantic tale of a sheltered uptown Cocker Spaniel dog and a streetwise downtown mutt? Lady and the Tramp
7 Hagrid's pet dog in the Harry Potter films is called? Fang
8 The slobbering mischievous dog that Turner teams up with in the film Turner and.....? Hooch
9 Dorothy's famous dog in the Wizard of Oz? Toto
10 The dog who is really an alien in Men in Black and Men In Black 2? Frank
11 The slobbering St Bernard who is part of the Newton Family in a series of films bearing the same name? Beethoven
12 Martin's dog in the television series Frasier? Eddie
13 The Beverly Hillbillies family pet dog was named? Duke
14 The name of Roy Rogers' pet German Shepherd? Bullet
15 The Buckman's dog in the television series Mad About You? Murray
16 Captain Archer's dog in Star Trek: Enterprise? Porthos
17 The famous canine CONTROL agent in Get Smart? Fang (Agent K-13)
18 The partly talking dog in the television show The Jetsons? Astro
19 The name of the vampire dog in the movie Hound of Dracula? Zoltan
20 The name of the wolf befriended by Lt John Dunbar in Dances With Wolves? Two Socks
21 Fonzie's dog in the television show Happy Days? Spunky
22 What is the name of the famous Beagle in the multimedia Peanuts cartoons? Snoopy
23 The name of the Basset hound Elvis Presley sang to on the Ed Sullivan Show? Sherlock
24 The name of the original dog in the Muppets? Rufus
25 The name of the intelligent talking dog in the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show? Mr. Peabody