Christmas '04 Questions Christmas '04 Answers  

1. Name three actors who have played Batman (3points)

Select from:

Adam West, George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer


2. What show features a moose and  a squirrel (1 point) The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends

3. Mr Briggs, Mr Phelps and Nathan Hunt have all been characters in this show (2 points) Mission Impossible


4. Which family is creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky and all together ooky (2 points) The Addams Family

5. Hark scanty thuds is an anagram of which show containing a Huggy Bear (3 points) Starsky and Hutch

6. Pebbles, rubble, stones and bedrock all feature in this show (1 point) The Flinstones

7. Do not expose this character to a red sun otherwise he will become very ordinary (2 points) Superman

8. Which show features a swinging arachnid with radioactive blood (1 point) Spiderman

9. Name two people who have played the lead role in the Untouchables and name the lead character (3 points) Robert Stack (in the original television series), Kevin Costner (in the film) & Eliot Ness (the character)

10. The Mystery Inc. gang includes this Great Dane (1 point) Scooby Doo

11. Lean girls chase anagrams in this show (2 points) Charlie's Angels

12. Which show has lasted much longer than its original five year mission (2 points) Star Trek

13. Mr Wilson, Mr Mitchell and old weird Margaret are all characters in this show (3 points) Dennis The Menace

14. Pinball machines, Shane Warne, Mick Molloy and swimming aides all refer to this show (2 points) Flipper

15. Emma Peel and John Steed were in this show (2 points) The Avengers


The Theme: These are all television series which have been made into films