Christmas '02 Questions Christmas '02 Answers
1. What was Col Joye’s real name? Colin Frederick Jacobsen

2. Who was known as the Queen of the Mods?

Dinah Lee

3. How many of the five Easybeats are still alive?

They are still alive (as of 1st January, 2011)
The band's line-up exemplified the influence of post-war migration on Australian society. All five founding members were from families who had migrated to Australia from Europe

4. Name the four members of the Masters Apprentices.

Jim Keays, Doug Ford, Glenn Wheatley, Colin Burgess

5. Which musician played in both the Wild Cherries and The Purple Hearts

Lobby Lloyde

6. Which band evolved into the Loved Ones?

The Red Onion Jazz band

7. Who were the two lead singers in the Valentines?

Vince Lovegrove & Bon Scott

8. Shirley Strachan used to say that before joining Skyhooks he was “on the tools”. What did he mean?

He was a carpenter

9. Who was the host of Uptight?

Ross D. Wiley

10. What was the Atlantics’ surf anthem Bombora named after?

It is an Australian aboriginal term for large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves

11. Name the Go Set columnist who is now much better known as a novelist and poet.

Lily Brett

12.Who wrote “The Real Thing”?

Johnny Young - It was indeed Johnny Young the host of Young Talent Time. Incidentally, Molly Meldrum produced this psychedelic hit!

13. Why was Kommotion taken off the air in 1967?

It was the practice of miming to current hits that brought about the demise of Kommotion -- it was cancelled in early 1967 after Actors' Equity imposed a ban on miming on all music TV shows.

14. At what time of the year was the Sunbury music festival held between 1972 and 1974?

Summer (January)

15. Who played the role of Mary Magdalene in the first Australian production of Godspell?

Colleen Hewett

16. Most people he knew thought he was crazy. Who was he and what was the name of his band?

Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs

17. Which group was Blown On The Air?

Carson (They only released two albums - Blown and On the Air

18. Ironically, this person thought it was a man’s world. What is her name?

Renee Geyer

19. Who was known as The Wild One, but called himself The Mild One?

Johnny O'Keefe

20. Which now defunct radio station organized a famous free rock concert at the Myer Music Bowl?