This is B

Bosko was rescued from death row by Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia Inc. He is a quiet and reserved gentleman, eight years of age, who has clearly faced some unknown horrors but remains with his spirit unbroken. He wouldn’t harm a fly, such a gentle soul.

Bosko has now settled very well in his new forever home. It took him a couple of weeks to learn the ropes but he is now very comfortable in jumping up on the couch and the bed to get cuddles and to stretch out and relax. He loves his cheese treats in the morning and, after finishing his lot, will wait patiently to see if the cats have left any for him to finish off.

He has fallen in love with the cats and tries to join in on their "chasey" games. The cats have learnt to put up with big wet licks across their faces when he wants to play. After the games are over the cats and Bosko like to lay down together on the mattress and go to sleep.

Bosko suffers from spinal spurs which affect his back legs. However, since coming home he has built up his strength and put on a bit of weight, brisket bones being his favourite treat, which seems to have helped his condition.

He loves going for a walk and has made the neighbourhood his own. Occasionally he will "trash talk" other dogs (only the noisy ones) but accepts all pats from those people who offer.

He is a delight to have around, lays near you, follows you from room to room and you can tell he is happy to be off the streets. He has the softest fur now he has had a pampering and is very receptive to affection but is not in your face. Nose kisses are his  specialty and he accepts them readily.