This is Bella

Whilst having a quiet Saturday brunch we noticed a group of people who had a really cute kitten. One of the guys brought Bella over and explained that she had been rescued a couple of days earlier  after being found wandering the streets. They were looking for a good home for Bella

We thought about it and the gentleman gave us his phone number in case it did not work out with Miao. We brought Bella home with some trepidation and did all of the introductions. Initially, there was a great deal of caution and hesitation between both cats and we had to keep them separated

I had to go back to the supermarket to get all of those kitten things (special milk, kitty food, toys etc). After we fed Bella she went straight to sleep for a few hours. Slowly, during the rest of the day and night we continued to introduce the two cats and there were good signs that relations were thawing as they continued to sniff each other.

A couple of days later we took Bella to the vet and she had her vaccinations and a thorough examination. We discovered that she is female, that she is seven weeks old and she is very healthy.

Relations between the two felines are still being worked out, especially when young Bella insists on playing with Miao's tail. However, they now share their food, their water bowls and their litter boxes. They also have fun romping around with each other and then fall asleep together.

It looks like all is well


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