Famous Quotes

Match the quotes with the person who made it and then click on the Check button to view your score
Albert Einstein.jpg
Albert Einstein
    Bob Hope.jpg
Bob Hope
Arthur C. Clarke.jpg
Arthur C. Clarke
    Edmund Burke.jpg
Edmund Burke
Fidel Castro.jpg
Fidel Castro
    Gough Whitlam.jpg
Gough Whitlam
Golda Meir.jpg
Golda Meir
    Groucho Marx.jpg
Groucho Marx
Leon Trotsky.jpg
Leon Trotsky
    Malcolm Fraser.jpg
Malcolm Fraser
Mae West.jpg
Mae West
    Mark Twain.jpg
Mark Twain
Mao Tse-Tung1.jpg
Mao Tse-Tung
    Martin Luther King, Jr..jpg
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Patti Smith.jpg
Patti Smith
    Richard Nixon.jpg
Richard Nixon
Paul Keating.jpg
Paul Keating
    The Who.jpg
The Who
Timothy Leary.jpg
Timothy Leary
    Walt Disney.jpg
Walt Disney
    Winston Churchill.jpg
Winston Churchill
Woody Allen 2.jpg
Woody Allen
    Mahatma Gandhi .jpg
Mahatma Gandhi