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Below are some examples of work completed at computer clubs. Just click on the start button of the media player window to start the show (or click on the link to bring up the selected item). Please note: some of these may take a little while to load so please be patient.  All of these have been reduced in size to make it easier and faster to download. The originals are of much higher resolution

Make sure you have your speakers on and the sound turned up

Movie Maker  Productions
Aussie Rules  
- a tribute to Aussie Rules football
Old Melbourne Buildings
- take a tour of some of Melbourne's famous old buildings
Holden Cars
- a show on Australian's own car
- Egyptian archaeology at its best
Rolly the Labrador
- a tribute to a favourite pet
- see the characters of the popular Disney television show

Who Let The Dogs Out
- see Gemma and George playing in the backyard

Broadmeadows History
- take a trip down memory lane
Broadmeadows History 2
- more photos of the past
Aboriginal Dreamtime Story
- see some traditional aboriginal images
Australian Animals
- some are cute and cuddly, others are not

Claymation Productions

- escape from the island of deat
- watchout
- Spikey & Grubs meet the cannibals
- the band blows everyone away
- monsters galore
Photo Shoot
- check out shots of the claymation group
Scooter Sheep
- wool on wheels
- groove to the dance
- amazingly silly movie
Soccer Match
- you have never seen two teams like these
Indiana Jones
- see the adventures of Indy and his sidekick

More Movie Maker Productions


More Australian Animals Australian Food Australian Sports


Australian Tourist Attractions Disney Hi5


Kylie Manogue Police Dr Seuss


The Simpsons Toys Wolfmother