This is Miao (The Cheeky)

It is fair to say that Miao found us. While Sharon was walking the dogs early one morning, Miao appeared and followed her some way. Sharon had no choice but to pick him up and bring him home (as if that was never going to happen). After door knocking the neighbourhood and putting signs up in the local shops we took Miao to the vet to find out that he was approximately five and a half weeks old (determined by his weight of 525gms), he was male and he was in relatively good health.

After a hefty vet bill, the purchase of kitten food, kitten litter and kitten toys and the subsequent rearrangement of everyone's (and every dog's) schedule it is probably fair to say that Miao had successfully trained us to look after him.

Eighteen months later, Miao has grown into a beautiful ginger cat who loves sitting on the mantle piece over the fire place directing traffic as needed.  He definitely knows what he wants and lets everyone know with either purrs of content or short, sharp meows of disapproval. We, his staff, are left in no doubt about his favourite food, his favourite napping places and his desire to play chase the bouncing ball.

Boxes have now become great playthings for Miao and his penchant for knocking things off the lounge room table, with a naughty smile, keeps everyone on their toes. Miao has definitely made life more interesting since his arrival at the household.




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